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Yes, Flip TV requires a good internet connection. A minimum speed of 3Mbps is recommended.

Yes. You can connect your Flip TV box to Wi-Fi during set-up of the box. However, the recommended method is to connect the box directly to your internet modem via the Ethernet cable provided.

Upon signing up, a small, set-top box will be delivered to you which is already pre-configured for your channel subscription. Satellite installation is not required.

There is a one-off charge for the cost of the set top box and delivery. Please check the specific package page or Get flip TV page for the ongoing monthly cost.

Flip TV uses approximately 1GB per hour of streaming.

Flip TV requires a minimum speed of 3Mbps.

Yes, Flip TV can work along side your Foxtel. You’ll need to have the boxes connected in different HDMI ports and then just switch between them to change between Flip TV and Foxtel.

We will contact you to confirm your order and to set up direct debit. Once confirmed, the streamer box will be sent which should arrive to your address within 3-5 working days.

If you would like to cancel, simply contact us via email, live chat or phone

Please refer to the set up and user guide

If you are having further issues please Contact Us on 1300 354 788 or by email on

  1. Try re-setting your box (Turn off at the power point then turn back on). If you still can’t see the channel, it may be temporarily out of service.

  2. Check the internet connection. Is the box connected to the internet? You can check this by going to ‘Settings’ - ‘info & diagnostics’ – then choose the 2nd option ‘Diagnostics’. The internet status should say ‘connected’

  3. Contact us via email or phone. Please have ready your account number and the MAC (S/N) address which is found on the white sticker on the bottom of the Flip TV box and usually starts with 000.

With your Flip TV remote, navigate to the option all the way to the left called ‘Replay’.

There are 3 steps:

  1. Connect box to power socket via power cable (included)

  2. Connect box to your TV via HDMI cable (included)

  3. Connect box to your internet via wifi or an Ethernet cable (included)

For more detailed instructions please see our Set Up and User Guide

No, you do not require a Smart TV to watch with Flip, however, your TV must have an HDMI port to connect the streamer box.

You will need to connect the TV antenna to the Flip TV box if you wish to watch free-to-air channels through Flip TV.

We recommend you do so for easy navigation to these channels. You do not need to connect the antenna to watch your International channels as these are streamed through the internet.

Unfortunately no. Our streamer boxes are very easy to setup and come with an easy-to-follow instruction guide. We can help you over the phone in multiple different languages if you need help with the installation.

If you wish to use your own modem, you’ll need to make sure your modem is not locked to a particular network- you can do so by contacting your provider. You’ll also need to make sure the modem is compatible with your specific NBN connection type. This is more relevant if you’re connecting to the NBN network for the first time or moving house for example.

We also recommend you have a good understanding of how to configure your modem if you wish to BYO as our technical support team may not be able to assist with the vast range of every make and model available for connection. Please be aware we are only able to provide limited assistance with BYO modems and are not responsible for any delays associated with connection if BYO modems are unable to be connected.

If you wish to use a phone line or call package, you’ll need to make sure your device supports VOIP services.

Please refer to the instruction guide sent with your TP-Link modem.

Once your connection is active, we’ll email your modem configuration settings which you’ll use to complete the set up.

Please also have your modem manual with you or search your specific modem on the internet to get familiar with the Basic Installation or Setup Wizard of your modem.

Note: If you have a FTTC connection- please Contact Us on 1300 354 788 or at so we can provide you with your Vlan ID.

  1. Turn the modem on and wait for few minutes for your modem to boot up and then reset your modem by pressing and holding the Reset button for about 30 seconds.

  2. For FTTP, Fixed Wireless, HFC or FTTC, connect your modem from the WAN port of your modem (may also be labelled INTERNET or LAN) to the NBN data port on your NBN connection device (NCD). The specific port is noted in welcome email if relevant. You will do so using the Ethernet cable (looks similar to a phone cable but bigger) supplied with your modem/router.

  3. For FTTN, Connect you modem to DSL port of your modem to your phone socket without any filter / splitter that you normally use for your ADSL connection.

  4. Connect a device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone to your modem’s Wi-Fi network (you can do this even if the internet isn’t running). Open the browser and enter your modem/router’s default gateway/IP address and password (usually noted on the back or bottom of the modem). A common address is or Log in to your modem’s web address (check your modem device guide or the manufacturers website). The username is usually ‘admin’ and may already be pre-filled. The default password is commonly ‘admin’ or ‘password’. Refer to your modem manual that you prepared beforehand.

  5. Once logged in, make sure to select the correct connection type for your modem (for FTTP Fixed Wireless, HFC or FTTC select Ethernet or WAN, while for FTTN select VDSL) and enter the settings from your welcome email i.e. “username” and password. Encapsulation is PPPoE.

  6. At the beginning you don’t need to change the default WiFi/ SSID name.

  7. Try to visit a webpage on a device connected directly or via Wi-Fi. If you have any issues, please contact us at or on 1300 354 788 for further troubleshooting.

It generally takes around 2-7 working days for your modem to be delivered. Someone will need to be home to collect the modem on arrival. If you miss your modem delivery, please check your letterbox for a collection card for the Post Office where you can collect your modem from. You can also check your modem tracking in your online account.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection is used in circumstances where a fibre optic line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, directly to your premises.

Fibre to the Curb is a new access technology that will form part of the nbn™ broadband access network rollout to provide access to broadband services to Australian homes and businesses.

An nbn™ Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connection is utilised in circumstances where the existing copper phone and internet network from a nearby fibre node is used to make the final part of the connection to the nbn™ access network.

An nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) connection is used in circumstances where the existing ‘pay TV’ or cable network can be used to make the final part of the nbn™ access network connection. In this circumstance an HFC line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, to your premises. HFC connections require an nbn™ access network device to be installed at the point where the line enters your home.

Flip NBN is able to service Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), Fibre to the Building (FTTB), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), Fixed Wireless and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC).

We are not able to service Satellite (Sky Muster) nbn services.

Yes. There are no fees for upgrading or downgrading your plan

You can order online by entering your address and completing the order form on the nbn page here. Please make sure you select the plan and any extras you wish to add and they appear in the summary box on the order page.

Alternatively, you can also order over the phone by calling 1300 354 788.

Please use the address checker on our NBN page to see if NBN is available at your address. If you’re not sure or the address isn’t appearing, please don’t hesitate to contact us to check.

If nbn is not available at your address and you have submitted an order, we will notify you and not proceed with the order. Payment is not deducted until after a service is activated.

No, you don’t need a phone line to connect to the NBN. In some cases we may require a service number to complete the order submission but we will notify you if this is the case during the order process.

Having an active home phone line is optional with our NBN plans and start at $2.95 per month.

You’ll firstly need to check if your address is nbn ready. If it is, then you’ll need to decide if you’d like to purchase or rent our modem or use your own. Our modems come pre-configured, ready to plug in and go for your specific connection type. If you choose to bring your own, you’ll need to make sure the modem is unlocked and compatible with your connection type.

See more info on BYO modems here. Any equipment installations required to get connected to nbn will be installed during the connection process if required and are free of charge.

It generally takes around 2-7 working days for your modem to be delivered. Someone will need to be home to collect the modem on arrival. If you miss your modem delivery, please check your letterbox for a collection card for the Post Office where you can collect your modem from.

You can also check your modem tracking in your online account.

Connection times vary with the different types of nbn connections ranging anywhere from 1-15 working days.

In general, if you’re already connected to the nbn with another service provider and are looking to transfer your service across, connections are usually complete within 24-72 hours once we receive your order, although it may take up to 5 working days to complete. If you are transferring from an active HFC connection, please be advised you may require a site appointment for a new nbn box and will therefore take longer than another type of transfer.

If you’re connecting to the nbn for the first time, you may need nbn equipment installed in your property. For these cases, activation will take longer as an nbn Co technician will need to come round to complete your connection. We will always request the earliest available site appointment (unless you request otherwise) to complete the connection.

In most cases, transferring connections will happen automatically and you won’t need to do cancel anything, however, we always recommend that once you are notified your connection is active with us, you contact your old provider to make sure your service has been cancelled. Further, we recommend to not cancel with your existing provider before you have confirmation your service is active with us, especially if you are porting a phone number across as this may cause a disruption/delay with the order.

No, Flip does not charge any additional fees for credit card payments.

You’ll automatically be set up to receive monthly invoices online which is free of charge, however you can choose to receive paper bills mailed to your address each month, which incurs a $1.65 fee.

If payment is not received by or able to be deducted on the due date on the bill, a $5.50 late payment fee may apply.

All the installations and site appointments to connect to the nbn network are free of charge. If you are connecting to the nbn for the first time you most likely will need to purchase or rent an nbn ready modem specific for your connection type. If you live in a new development, there will be a $300 new development charge. See other tab for more info.

This is a once-off $300 charge implemented by nbn Co which applies to all connections in areas identified as within the boundaries of a new development.

If this charge applies to your address, our sales team will advise you prior to signing up. If you submit an nbn order online, you will be contacted for notification and approval prior to your order being submitted. Please note that we do not make any money from this charge, we simply pass on the same cost from nbn co. If you have any further questions regarding this please contact our team.

When signing up on a no contract plan, you’re free to cancel your service at any time with no cancellation fees. If you sign up on an 18month plan, there is a $99 cancellation charge.

We aim for our network to provide speeds as close as possible to the maximum speed of the plan at any time. Different types of nbn technologies and other general factors including type and/or source of content being downloaded, your software and hardware configuration and the number of users connected can affect the speed of your internet. Devices connected by Wi-Fi will generally experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.

If your premises is serviced by nbn FTTN or FFTB technology, the maximum attainable speed of your nbn service will not be known until you are connected. We can inform you of your maximum line sync once connected. If you happen to experience significantly lower speeds than expected, our technicians will look into this and troubleshoot to improve.

You will receive both an sms and welcome email when your service has been activated. If you don’t receive one or the other, please check your spam/junk email folder and then if nothing, let us know so we can check the correct details are in our system.

Please contact us as soon as possible on live chat, by email or phone. This may be related to:

  • change of mind for modem purchases
  • change of mind for plan/call package
  • notice of incorrect/missing details on order summary notification
  • If your address requires a site appointment for any nbn installations, you will be notified by sms. The date and approximate time frame (nbn schedules in 4 hour time blocks) will also be available to see on your online account page.

    Please note that someone over the age of 18 will need to be home for the installation to go ahead.

    Please contact us as soon as possible on live chat, by email or phone.
    Please note that re-scheduling may delay your installation by 2-3 weeks depending on the availability of nbn technicians and how early you notify us of the change in relation to your appointment time.

    1. We receive your online order and submit in system for approval. If we need any further information or approval (such as new development charges) we’ll be in touch via phone, sms or email. If you notice any details are incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible.

    2. Once your order is approved, you’ll be advised by sms of a site appointment time and date to complete any installations if required. Your modem will be scheduled for delivery a few days prior to your site appointment or sent as soon as possible for transferring nbn connections. Generally, if you are already connected to the nbn with another provider and just transferring, you’ll usually be connected within 24-72 hours (please contact us if you’re not connected within this time frame).

    3. On the date of your site appointment, your service should be active. You’ll receive a sms notification as well as a welcome

    If you’re moving house (or planning to move house), you’ll need to check whether the new address is nbn ready. You can do so by using our address checker here or we’re happy to check for you.

    If you’re just transferring your Flip TV service (not internet), you’ll just need to let us know so we can update the address on your account. You can then simply plug in the Flip TV box as usual and connect to the new internet connection (in Settings) or via Ethernet cable directly to your modem.

    Please contact us via live chat, email or phone if you wish to cancel your nbn service. You’ll need to include your account number in any correspondence. Your account number can be found in your online account or on the top right corner of your bill.

    You will receive your first bill only after your service is active with us. You will be able to view your bill in your online account when it becomes available during our billing cycle which occurs around the middle of each month.

    As we require all accounts to be set up on direct debit, payment will be automatically deducted on the due date on the bill with the card provided on sign up. If you’d like to change this card, please give our accounts/customer service team a call on 1300 354 788.

    Alternatively, you can make a manual payment up to 5 business days prior to the due date on the bill, and the direct debit auto payment will not be deducted. Manual payments can be made online on the Pay My Bill tab, over the phone or at the bank (as indicated on the bill).

    If you’d like to change your plan, please contact us on live chat, via email at or by phone on 1300 354 788 (request customer service). This includes changes such as;

  • Plan speed upgrades or downgrades
  • Adding or removing call packages

  • Please include or have your account number ready in your correspondence.

    To add Flip TV, you can contact us and advise of the package you’d like and we’ll arrange for the set top box to be sent out. Alternatively, you can complete the online sign up form forFlip TV here

    If you’d like to update your wifi settings, please contact us on live chat, via email at or by phone on 1300 354 788. Please include or have your account number ready in your correspondence.

    If you’d like to update your personal or account information, please contact us on live chat, via email at or by phone on 1300 354 788 (request customer service). This includes changes such as;

  • Change of Account Name
  • Adding or removing authorised persons on the account

  • Please include or have your account number ready in your correspondence